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Offered: knitted to order slipper socks

So, what am I offering? A chance to get your mittens (well, feet, more likely) on a pair of my knitted to order slipper socks, perfect to keep your feet nice and toasty in those cold evenings. I did a large batch of these for Christmas presents and they seem to have been a success. And now you can get your own pair! 

You can choose yarns (all plain/all variegated/both with plain on the heel/both with variegated on the heel), colours (see here and here for colourcards of the yarns), and, most importantly, size. You will need to provide me with all this information before I can start knitting your socks!

The yarn I use is 75% acrylic, 25% wool, which makes for lightweight yet warm socks that can be machine washed to up to 40 degrees. I can send you a swatch of the yarn on request if you live within Europe.

I can suggest some colour combinations that I have used in the past, or you can make up your own. As I said, these are your slipper socks. Made to order.

You can check my listing on Artfire for more details on these wonderful socks!

Edited to add: I have had some enquiries regarding whether it would be possible to make these socks with yarns that don't contain wool. Having had a look around, there are a few acrylic yarns that could do the trick, but bear in mind that:
  • These yarns are not as easy to come by as the one I normally use, so your socks may take longer to knit simply because I would have to wait for the wool to be delivered instead of simply stroll up the road and grab some of my usual.
  • These are yarns I have not used before, so I cannot vouch for how well they will keep and wash.
  • Your choice of colours may be a bit more limited - I have found quite a few yarns in plain solid colours, but so far not a single variegated one.
As long as you are happy with that , I wouldn't mind swapping yarns...

These take a while to knit. And I have a day job, and a night job (being the techie at the other end of several "Page-a-tech"). So, please allow four to six weeks for delivery. Take into account that I cannot start working on your socks until I have all the information I need (size, colour, types of yarn). Also, bear in mind that the week after this auction closes is Easter, followed by the Hub 4, which I will be attending. So bear with me if when I say "four to six weeks" I probably mean "closer to six than to four". Hopefully it'll be worth it! :-)

I can be bribed with chocolate (virtual, please) and good Ianto fic to speed up the process. No, hang on, scratch that, good Ianto fic would distract me from the knitting. Stick to the chocolate.

Shipment to anywhere in Europe is covered by the price of the auction. For a definition of which countries are included in Europe, please see what Royal Mail have to say, since they will be doing the delivery. For deliveries outside of Europe, please contact me - I'll check out how much it would be to send it over to you, and we may be able to reach an agreement along the lines of "throw an extra fiver in your donation".

Contact me...
Questions, requests for more photos, doubts, PM me. And be patient. I will get back to you in a coule of days at most.

Minimum bid will be £8, which is £2 less than these socks are listed for on Artfire. Bargain! 


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Apr. 1st, 2010 07:34 pm (UTC)
Well, you get your very own pair of socks :) I'll send you a PM with the details I need before I start knitting :)
Mar. 7th, 2010 09:32 am (UTC)
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