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Emailed file to those donating five pounds or more to CiN, exclusive to them until at least May 1.

I think this is the first bit of fiction in the auction!

This is a 63K+ novel, AU after Goblet of Fire.  It is Harry/Draco (with a small side of Snape/Draco), NC-17, and does have some dub-con and non-con scenes.  I'm all for the happy ending, though, so after the angst is all said and done, it's good.

The summer before seventh year, Draco must choose between his family honor and service to the Dark Lord, and his feelings for Harry Potter.

This was very briefly available in a limited run as a in-print fanzine from Graceful Ravens Press.  It has never been net-published.

ETA:  Due to the rating, I will require an age statement before emailing the file.


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