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Offered: Moebius cowl/scarf, handknitted

So, what am I offering? A handknitted, hot-off-the-needles, Moebius cowl/scarf. And you may wonder, what the heck is a Moebius cowl/scarf? Well, it's a cowl/scarf based on a Moebius strip, and knitted using the wonderful, seam-free techniques described by Cat Bordhi  in her books.

Unlike my slipper socks, this is not a made-to-order item, but rather something I have already made, so it will be shipped within a week of the closing date of the auction (probably much earlier than that, but, you know, real life sometimes gets in the way). This is a unique item, since I never knit the same thing in the same way twice, but always change something and experiment. So, you are guaranteed a garment that nobody else will have! 

The yarn used is Patons Festival. This is 84% Nylon, 16% Polyester, so all of you lovers of knitted garments that can't wear wool are safe. It has a velvety feel to it, without being excesively fluffy or soft. I have used  "Cockatoo" shade, which is a mixture of off-white, pale yellow and soft pink, and reminds me of those candy bracelets and necklaces I used to eat as a child.

The cowl is 15 cm wide and 140cm in circumference. That is, it will hang about 70cm from the back of your neck if you wear it loose, or you can wrap it around your neck once for a more snuggly, warm option.

General view
Moebius cowl

Moebius cowl - folded

The twist
Moebius cowl - the twist

The pattern
Moebius cowl - the pattern

The cowl will be shipped within a week of the closing date of the auction. It will probably be in the psot much earlier than a week after closing date, but, you know, real life sometimes gets in the way, so I'd rather say a week.

Shipment to anywhere in Europe is covered by the price of the auction. For a definition of which countries are included in Europe, please see what Royal Mail have to say, since they will be doing the delivery. For deliveries outside of Europe, please contact me - I'll check out how much it would be to send it over to you, and we may be able to reach an agreement along the lines of "throw an extra fiver in your donation".

Contact me...
Questions, requests for more photos, doubts, PM me. And be patient. I will get back to you in a coule of days at most.

Minimum bid will be £9.


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