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The Master Post of Offers

For everybody's convenience, and the mods' sanity... here's the master list of everything on offer so far, as of Sunday March 21st, 14.45. This will get "regularly" updated, as items are added. Items that have been struck out have already been closed!


Our first icons - courtesy of jpren678!

Guideline: How to Post About Selling

What you can offer
- fanworks made by order (fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, meta, critique, fanmixes, icons, graphics, and so on)
- access to fanworks (can be offered to the top bidder, or to several people for fixed bid)
- original creative endeavors
- material objects, ready or made by order
- services of any legal kind
For examples and inspiration, check out one of these auctions:

What to put in your postCollapse )



All images, photos, screencaps, likenesses, characters, dialogue, text, film, video, trademarks, trademarked names and trademarked and copyrighted items are used for not-for-profit, socially beneficial purposes under the fair use guidelines of United States and International copyright laws.

General Information

What is this?
Ianto Jones for Children in Need is a fandom auction held in honour and appreciation of Ianto Jones, organized to benefit BBC Children in Need, a charitable organization helping disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. All money raised will be donated to the charity through the JustGiving page.

Who is Ianto Jones?
Ianto Jones is a fictional character from the British TV series Torchwood, well-loved by fans all over the world. His unexpected and untimely death in the series led to a huge fan reaction, and the fundraising effort Ianto Jones for Children in Need was created as a positive and constructive outlet for fans to express their appreciation for the character and Gareth David-Lloyd, the actor who portrays him.

What does the Save Ianto Jones campaign have to do with it?
The Ianto Jones for Children in Need fundraising effort was created as an outlet for members of the Torchwood fandom saddened by Ianto’s death, and has been supported by the whole of that fandom since its beginnings. Although it has garnered wide support, the Save Ianto Jones campaign has always been the main fundraiser and champion of Ianto Jones for Children in Need. It has planned and run events that have raised significant amounts of money for children, including the hugely successful 4.56 campaign that was held last August.
You don’t have to be a member of the campaign, or to support it, to take part in the auction. It’s for children and for Ianto.

How can I help?
You can bid on fanfic, original fic, vids, cookies, memorabilia, critique/betas, and much more! Or you can offer your skills and services as a writer, vidder, baker, knitter, or whatever else you'd like.

The auction opens on March 1st, 12:01 one minute after midnight GMT, and closes on March 31st 23:59 one minute before midnight GMT. The sellers can define their own dates of bidding closing, which you can check by tags in their posts. We are also planning special events which will have their own dates.

Geography and currency
This auction is open to all countries, but final donation to Children in Need will be made in British Pound sterling. You can use any of the conversion sites, for example, www.xe.com

What if I don't have an LJ account?
You can still bid by manually signing your name and contact info.
Selling will be more difficult. If you don't want to get a free LJ account for this purpose, please email the mods and we'll figure something out.

I have a question, suggestion, or complaint.
Please contact the mods in Page-a-Mod post.


1. Find the offers interesting to you via tags. The tag lists at the right of the main page, also to be found here, list everyone who is offering under "seller," the types of services and items under "offered," and the fandoms under "fandom". Check out “closing” tags - they show when the bidding on this item is closed! Also, there are offers for one winner and multiple winners.

2. To make the first bid please comment to the post about the chosen item with the amount you are offering. The minimum starting bid for certain items is stated in the post.

3. If someone else raises the bid in a reply to your comment, bid again by replying to their reply with a higher offer. This will continue until the auction closes and the highest bid wins.

4. All subsequent bids MUST be made by replying to the comment made by the previous highest bidder. This is to ensure that the previous bidder is notified when outbid. If you make a bid without replying to the previous comment your bid will not count.

5. Bids must be raised by at least £1 per bid. If you are unsure of the British Pound sterling amount, please use one of the numerous conversion sites, for example, www.xe.com.

6. There is also a "Buy It Now" option. "Buy It Now" can be exercised with the first bid on an auction. Once "Buy It Now" has been exercised, further bidding will not be allowed.

7. Comments that contain a bid must NOT be deleted. If you have changed your mind or have a problem with your comment, please make an explanatory comment to your bid or Page-a-Mod.

8. Once the auction closes, the winner will be contacted via PM to confirm the bid and to request shipping details, if applicable.

9. The winner will be asked to make a donation in the amount of the winning bid to the JustGiving page Ianto Jones for Children in Need, including in the comment field the LJ name they used for bidding and the item code(s). After that, the winner will be asked to post a comment in the thread of the item to notify the seller and the mods that the donation is made.
Donation by {lj username} for item {item code}
{Additional message of your choice - optional}

10. Once the winner has made the donation, the item will be (as applicable):
- started to be worked on, to be delivered to the winner by the stated deadline via agreed means
- e-mailed or sent via other means by mutual agreement between the seller and the winner
- shipped to the address provided

11. Please do not bid until bidding opens. Any bids made after the closing time will not count.


1. Join the community via the user info page.

2. Make a post about your offer which includes:
  • headline

  • proper tags

  • depiction of your offer

  • conditions of delivery

  • conditions of bidding

Offered: Fanfiction
I will write a Jack/Ianto story of 2000 words or more, set in second season or later, or CoE fix-it. Rating or genre of your choice. If you want specific tropes or kinks, it can be discussed - please PM me.
Delivery: by May 1st, by e-mail
Minimum bid: £5
Buy It Now: £25
Tags: seller: svollga, offered: fanfiction, fandom: torchwood, bidding: one winner

3. Track the offer post. When the bidding is over, the winner(s) should notify you about the donation made, and contact you via means stated in your post. If they fail to do so, or if this doesn't work for you, please contact the mods and we will put you in touch with each other.

4. If there are too few bids on your offer, and you think it deserves more attention, go to the latest Pimp Me Mod post and add the link to your offer, along with its brief description (type, fandom if applicable, closing date) - we will pimp it in the next post!


If you don’t see anything of interest to you amongst the offers, or have a specific item in mind, you can post a challenge to the sellers. Make a post including:

1. Headline
Challenge: type of your request

2. Tags
challenge by: your name (LJ name)
challenge: type of item
challenge: name of fandom (if relevant)

3. Description of your request.

I will pay £10 for each of up to five stories of at least 2000 words portraying a sick Ianto and Jack taking care of him.

If you have questions which aren’t answered in the Rules and Guidelines, Page a Mod.



Who we are doing this for...

Supporting us...


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